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  • Start Exploring Externally to Grow Internally

    To sustain in today's competitive market business education plays a vital role where an owner needs to be updated about the latest market trends and technology.

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  • New Agency Back Office Setup

    Start-ups have their own policies and procedures to consider. We often observe new startup agencies seeking a full payroll outsourcing solution and as the business matures a FC or CFO are brought into the business.

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  • ANZ Remuneration Report now at your fingertips!

    HHMC Global and Staffing Industry Metrics has released the ANZ Remuneration Report providing essential staff budgeting and planning information for all the staffing businesses in the staffing and recruitment industry.

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Business Valuations Video Series


HHMC are well connected not just in the Australian market but on a global scale. They can speak knowledgeably about market trends anywhere in the world. Rod is a true professional who has great listening and follow through skills; both important business skills, that I’m constantly surprised or should I say disappointed that more people don’t display. He is generous with his knowledge and if you’re buying, selling or getting ready to sell a recruitment business, this is who you want to have on your team.