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  • Agency valuations in a buoyant recruitment industry

    The sustained positive economic cycle most recruitment agency sectors and geographies are experiencing has been shadowed by strong M&A activity. What has happened to company valuations. Is your business more valuable than it was a decade ago?

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  • Remuneration Data. You Asked for It, Now Participate.

    Remuneration data is one of the most frequently requested items from business owners and managers. For a number of years, staffing and recruitment organisations have been seeking more detailed remuneration data for the ANZ recruitment sector.Now is the chance to have this data at your fingertips.

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    In the Australia New Zealand issue of The Global Recruiter HHMC elaborates political and potential influences on the local recruitment and staffing industry.

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Business Valuations Video Series


HHMC have proved a useful partner for Staffing Industry Analysts as we have sought to raise our business profile in the Asia Pacific region. Their knowledge of the Australian and New Zealand markets and range of business contacts has played an important role in helping us to establish a footprint in this important market.