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  • Now is the Time for an External Review

    Despite a strong global economic cycle pushing beyond 10 years, many business owners and managers have entered 2020 with a sense of trepidation and uncertainty. Across ANZ confidence was shaken in the past two quarters as both perm and temp/contract revenue fell, albeit with some recovery in the 4th quarter.

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  • New Agency Back Office Setup

    Start-ups have their own policies and procedures to consider. We often observe new startup agencies seeking a full payroll outsourcing solution and as the business matures a FC or CFO are brought into the business.

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  • ANZ Remuneration Report now at your fingertips!

    HHMC Global and Staffing Industry Metrics has released the ANZ Remuneration Report providing essential staff budgeting and planning information for all the staffing businesses in the staffing and recruitment industry.

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Rod is one of the most thoughtful driven and knowledgeable consultants that I have ever met. He regularly fuels his knowledge for global trends and insights by attending and participating in Recruitment Industry events and think tanks and he gives generously of his time to genuinely add value to your business.
He is strategic and yet hands on and Rod always offers smart tactical advice.