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  • Business Intentions Survey Report V6, July 2020

    The sixth version of HHMC Global's Business Intentions Survey Report captures the state of the recruitment industry in ANZ during the global pandemic. Essential reading.

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  • Now, Build the Business You Have Always Wanted

    Most recruitment agencies have now positioned themselves for survival from the economic impact of the pandemic. What now? It is inevitable that growth will reappear. It is time to focus on reshaping your business to enable it to be the best it can be when that occurs.

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  • A Technology Strategy Framework for Recruitment

    Recruitment is now becoming as complex as many highly regulated industries and it is in the middle office that this needs to be managed. Having this front-middle-back office framework described in SIA's Tech Stack allows owners and managers to focus on what is critical to their business performance and sustainability.

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Business Valuations Video Series


Rod is one of the most thoughtful driven and knowledgeable consultants that I have ever met. He regularly fuels his knowledge for global trends and insights by attending and participating in Recruitment Industry events and think tanks and he gives generously of his time to genuinely add value to your business.
He is strategic and yet hands on and Rod always offers smart tactical advice.