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  • Developing Staff a Strategic Imperative to Equity Growth

    One of the beautiful attributes of the recruitment industry is that a team of experienced, motivated, focused and well led recruitment consultants can produce amazing results for clients, candidates and profit generation.

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  • Remuneration Data. You Asked for It, Now Participate.

    Remuneration data is one of the most frequently requested items from business owners and managers. For a number of years, staffing and recruitment organisations have been seeking more detailed remuneration data for the ANZ recruitment sector.Now is the chance to have this data at your fingertips.

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  • Agency valuations in a buoyant recruitment industry

    The sustained positive economic cycle most recruitment agency sectors and geographies are experiencing has been shadowed by strong M&A activity. What has happened to company valuations. Is your business more valuable than it was a decade ago?

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I met Rod and Richard in Sydney but when aizoOn started the collaboration with HHMC I was overseas. Communication was great and they kept me informed during the selection process. When I come back in Sydney with aizoOn Chairman we had a lot of meetings with the potential target. They are persistent and looking for a win-win situation between buyer and seller. Rod and Richard are great professionals with deep knowledge of IT recruitment industry and amazing skills of mediation. It has been a successful acquisition and part of this comes from them.